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How to Care for Succulents

Unboxing your plants

Once you have received your plants in the mail, immediately remove all plants and pots from the box. Unwrap each plant from its packaging if necessary. There may be some dislodged stones or dirt in the box. Place plants in a bright, warm location and allow them to adjust to their new environment for a few days. 

How to plant cuttings

Our plants are freshly cut when they are packaged. Before planting in soil, a cutting must be“calloused over”, meaning the cut end of the pad is dry and has sealed itself over in order to protect itself. Place your dry cut end approximately 1 to 2 inches into succulent/cactus soil. Pack soil down firmly! Do not water for 2-3 weeks. Then water well. Succulents will begin to root after 2-6 weeks. Once roots have established, the plant will start to show new growth.

Watering and Temperature

In the summer, water at least once a week. During the winter, water once a week or less. Allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings. Succulents prefer temperatures above freezing. You can keep plants indoors during the winter or all year long. Just make sure they receive plenty of bright light.

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